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Servicing Your Vacuum
When was the last time you had your vacuum serviced? Hmmmm, that long … Your car needs an oil change every few thousand miles and regular maintenance so that it runs reliably. Your vacuum cleaner also needs regular maintenance so that you can clean quickly and efficiently without leaving dirt behind.

As dirt, dust and hair pass through your vacuum cleaner, a buildup in the bearing housings and bearings will slow down the brush roll causing excessive wear on your vacuum motor and belt. Over a period of time some brushes become soft, lose effectiveness and need to be replaced. A worn out brush may still look fine. But if not replaced, it will simply turn, never touching the carpet. This cuts your cleaning efficiency by as much as 50 percent! Accumulated dirt and dust in the motor bearings will slow down the motor along with a sluggish brush roll. The result is an overheated motor which can drastically shorten the life of a vacuum motor or even require total replacement of the entire vacuum.

Carbon brushes in the motor transmit electricity to the armature. As the motor turns, the brushes wear out. Should they wear out, the electric wire could touch the armature, cause a short circuit and ultimately burn out the motor. Dust and lint building up in the motor can become lodged between the armature and carbon brush causing motor failure and may even present a fire hazard!

The overall appearance of your carpet depends on a good vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner you purchase has enough air flow and suction to lift the carpet nap to the brushes, the vacuum will brush the nap and help it to stand up properly. The result will be newer looking and easier to clean carpeting.

If your vacuum is performing poorly, the carpet nap will remain matted and packed down from foot traffic. Sand and grit cannot be pulled from flattened carpet fibers. Dark colored traffic trails begin to appear. As the sand and dirt build up, it acts like sandpaper, slowly wearing and cutting the carpet fibers as you walk across it. Your costly investment in carpeting is slowly deteriorating.

Allow us to service your vacuum every 12 to 18 months and avoid these potential problems. With proper maintenance of your vacuum cleaner, your vacuum and carpet will last longer.