Vacuum Belts

Why change your vacuum cleaner belt every 3 months? Your vacuum’s cleaning efficiency depends on it.

What is the purpose of the vacuum belt?

belt_typesThe drive shaft or motor pulley turns the belt which causes the brush roll to turn and provides the necessary agitation to deep clean your carpet.

After about three months, the belt has stretched, causing the belt to slip on the drive shaft. This means the brush roll turns slowly or not at all. The vacuum still picks up the easily seen surface litter, but the sand and grit at the base of your carpet starts to build up, causing excessive carpet wear.

The quality of belts varies widely. If your new belt is too loose, again the brush roll will turn slowly, if at all. If it is too strong or tight, it puts excessive wear and strain on your motor and bearings which can cause damage, needing repair.

It only takes a minute to change a vacuum belt, but it can save hours of cleaning time and effort. Let Woody Mann Vacuums help you select the right belt for your vacuum. And let us install the belt, as well. The proper tension will make all the difference in your cleaning efficiency.